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The extraordinary Alaskan wilderness is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations as It's the most convenient way to view this spectacular landscape with its striking glaciers and the extraordinary night skies.

You'll never forget the vivid impressions of your first visit to Alaska.

A 10-storey crystal-blue river of ice in Glacier Bay National Park, icebergs calving into the tidewater with a thunderous crack. The spectacular and untamed wildlife, from a nesting eagle high in a Sitka spruce to a family of brown bears foraging along a rocky beach. Your first glimpse of the soaring, silent magnificence of Mt. McKinley. It’s everything you ever imagined. Alaska is one of life’s greatest adventures.

The Alaska cruise season runs between May and October, with most ships starting in Vancouver (Canada) or Seattle (USA) and making one-week round-trips through the Inside Passage to the state capital Juneau and other ports such as Skagway, Ketchikan and Sitka. You can also take a one way voyage between Vancouver and Seattle to, or from, the port of Anchorage, where you can combine a cruise with a land tour to the Canadian Rockies or Denali National Park, home of Alaska's tallest mountain, Mt McKinley.


Visit the glacial waterfalls and rain forests outside the picturesque capital of Alaska, Juneau.
See the spectacular Juneau Ice Field on a helicopter adventure.
Take a wildlife tour and search for magnificent Brown Bears.
Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Inside Passage from the comfort of your own private balcony.
Race across a glacier in an exhilarating dogsled ride




Asia is full of ancient cultures, unparalleled in exotic beauty and mysticism. From Southeast Asia to the Far East and India, explore the myriad customs and traditions of each one. The fascinating countries of Vietnam, China, Japan and Thailand are equally amazing and yet vastly different.

See the great Buddha's of Bangkok or experience a whirlwind shopping-spree in Hong Kong. Explore the temples of Japan and the monuments of Beijing. The magic never ends on this side of the world.

The Silk Road, the Spice Route and Xanadu beckon. Wander among ornate gilded pavilions, ancient temples, modern skyscrapers and bustling street markets filled with foreign and wonderful fruits and vegetables, not to mention just about everything else imaginable. Asia is really an escape of a lifetime.


Walk on the Great Wall of China
Shop 'til you drop in one of Hong Kong's bustling open-air markets
Treat yourself to exotic curries and satays in a post-colonial Bangkok café
Explore some of the world's most beautiful temples in Cambodia
Haggle over colourful batiks, silks and sarongs in Singapore's famous Arab Street



The Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination in the world, offering white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, great shopping and an exciting mix of cultures.

Conjuring up images of palm fringed white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters; the Caribbean is so much more than this. Here each and every country has its own distinct colour and flavour. Tropical forests, exotic wildlife, lush plantations, hypnotic rhythms, delicious cuisines and a plethora of activities, all make the Caribbean the ultimate holiday paradise.

And this is just the beginning. The Caribbean beckons you with its intriguing past, its rich and glorious colonial heritage, its grand architecture, its diverse communities and a passion for life, unlike any other place in the world. Here tales of pirates, slavery and revolution mingle with the new and modern to provide a multifaceted atmosphere to savour and enjoy.

A cruise provides the perfect opportunity to experience the diversity of the Caribbean in style and convenience. Select from great itineraries such as Eastern, Western or Southern Caribbean, or combine them to form an extended Caribbean cruise experience.


Interact with hundreds of stingrays at Stingray city Grand Cayman
Enjoy a huge selection of water sports such as snorkelling, diving, para-sailing and windsurfing

Take a sunset sailing cruise on the Caribbean sea

Lay on a hammock and catch the cool breezes, or sip a cocktail on the deck of a seaside bar


South Pacific

Just a short cruise from Australia is the wonderfully relaxed, and sometimes uninhabited islands of the South Pacific.

From the French charm of New Caledonia to the pristine waters of Tahiti and Fiji, you will wonder why you don't come here more often. It's so close, yet so far removed from home.


Champagne Bay is renowned for its sweeping curve of pristine sand, unquestionably the whitest in the region. This is the perfect setting for relaxation.


This busy trading port with a warm country town feel, has abundant marine life and world class dive sites boasting historical wrecks from World War II. In Luganville you can visit traditional Melanesian villages selling local artefacts, explore the history or tour the spectacular coastline.

This serene, bush covered island combines stunning scenery and great snorkelling with a fascinating culture. Wala is a place that few have been privileged to visit. Friendly islanders offer a warm welcome and quality handicrafts. See a Namba tribe perform a traditional dance.

Mystery Island
Tiny Mystery Island is picture perfect, with sandy pathways that lead to white beaches edged with c conut trees and crystal clear lagoons. Snorkel in colourful underwater gardens or chill out in a world that civilisation has left behind.

The lush island of Pentecost is world-famous for its daring land divers. They perform their N’Gol ritual during April, May and early June and we time our cruises so that you can witness this ancient spectacle.

From the moment you step ashore you’ll adore the friendly ni-Vanuatu people with their welcoming smiles and hospitable nature. Vila has a natural harbour with a colourful blend of Melanesian, English, French and Asian influences. Shop for traditional souvenirs at the handicraft markets.

Loyalty Islands
Lifou has one of the most diverse landscapes in the South Pacific, from limestone caves to white beaches and coral reefs teeming with brightly coloured marine life.

Known as ‘the closest island to paradise’, Ouvea is one of the Pacific’s most exquisite coral atolls and boasts what is hailed as New Caledonia’s finest beach – a stunning 25km stretch of talcum-powder-like white sand fronting a turquoise lagoon.


Dravuni Island is a majestic volcanic island in the Kadavu Group of Islands in Fiji. A real taste of Fijian culture awaits you here. Amid tall palm trees and a gorgeous beach is a small village waiting to be explored.

Lautoka is Fiji’s second-largest city and is bordered by the blue Pacific Ocean on its western side. Known as the ‘sugar city’, marvel at plantations of glorious green-gold sugar cane and the forests of pine trees on its shores.

Fiji’s hidden paradise. The large bay surrounding Savusavu was once a giant volcanic crater. Today, locals still use the hot springs and steam vents that rise up for cooking.

Situated on a harbour bustling with fishing and cargo boats, this city’s architecture reflects its multicultural history – from colonial British terraces to modern buildings based on Fijian styles. Suva is the ideal place to shop for duty-free bargains.

Port Denarau is the perfect departure point for day tours to the outer Fijian islands. Enjoy an idyllic day beachcombing or venture on shore to see traditional cultural displays. There’s great shopping in the local markets.

New Caledonia

Emerald Bay
A call to Emerald Bay includes a day on pristine Divine Island and an opportunity to visit nearby Poum, which offers an insight into the culture of the Melanesians of the Northern Province. Set in an enormous azure lagoon, Divine Island offers great snorkelling.

Heavily influenced by the French, Noumea’s tropical boulevards and European chic are unmistakable. Old-world values and continental culture combine with colonial architecture and vibrant markets.

Isle of Pines
This striking island is one of the most picturesque areas of the South Pacific and will leave a lasting impression on you. Walk along its 1.25km white sand beach.


Visit the small picturesque nation of Tonga, which Captain Cook named ‘The Friendly Islands’. Religion and tradition play an important role in this island paradise and the local markets are famed for their crafts.

It’s the sun, scenery and water-based recreation that Vava’u offers its visitors. The elevated and thickly forested islands provide for pleasant walking and magnificent views.

French Polynesia

Raiatea is fringed by a reef and lagoon and its many bays, inlets and beaches make it a popular yachting and diving centre. Take a walking or horse-riding tour or venture inland to fragrant vanilla and pineapple plantations.

An overnight stay on the ‘Tahitian Treasures’ cruise provides plenty of time to explore. Walk along Papeete’s lovely waterfront and discover the exotic blend of Polynesian and Parisian culture. Further afield rugged mountains, rainforests and waterfalls can be found.

Upon arrival in Moorea you will be immediately awestruck by the natural beauty. With its velvet-green hills soaring up from the surrounding lagoon, butterfly-shaped Moorea is perhaps the most stunning island in the world. Soft sandy beaches fringe sheltered lagoons brimming with marine life. Uncover the mysteries of the black pearl at a local pearl farm.

Bora Bora
No name captures the imagery of island paradise like Bora Bora, perhaps the most iconic of South Pacific island settings. Visitors are captivated by majestic mountains sculpted by ancient volcanoes. Explore quaint villages or snorkel to view the amazing reef life.

Cook Islands

Rarotonga offers staggering natural beauty. With its high jagged peaks and surrounding turquoise lagoon, Rarotonga is often referred to as a ‘jewel in the Pacific’. The circular island has a lushly forested, mountainous interior fringed by an almost unbroken white beach, with reefs and lagoons beyond. An insight into Polynesian culture can be gained at the great marae or sacred site of Arai-Te-Tonga.

American Samoa

Pago Pago (pronounced Pango Pango) is the heartbeat of American Samoa with its dramatically stunning deep-water harbour formed from a collapsed volcanic crater. High volcanic cliffs circle the harbour and plunge straight down into the alluring water below. If you’re feeling fit you can sample the breathtaking vista from the majestic Mt. Alava that dominates the town.

Western Samoa

Apia, the beautiful capital city of Samoa, is an unspoilt Polynesian treasure. Apia is the main port for Samoa. Friendly smiles welcome you to busy markets selling traditional crafts. Apia is framed by a backdrop of volcanoes, waterfalls, verdant rainforests, pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-like lagoons.


North America

The home of the modern cruise industry offers a host of choices for exploration and enjoyment. From Canada & New England during its spectacular Fall season, to the colour and excitement of Mexico, or a longer journey from one side of this vast country to the other via the Panama Canal.

The major cruise lines of the world operate year round from ports such as New York, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. The most popular destinations also include Alaska, Bahamas, Caribbean and the Eastern seaboard cities of Baltimore, Rhode Island and Norfolk.


The multi-coloured fall foliage of New England and Canada
Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
The French Quarter of New Orleans where bars play fabulous live music into the early hours
Navigating the man made marvel that is the Panama Canal


Europe & Mediterranean

Europe has long been a favoured holiday destination of Australian's, and for good reason. With such a broad range of experiences to enjoy Europe is like 3 holidays in one! From historical sites of world significance, to sun soaked islands in the Mediterranean, to beautiful scenery of Mountains and lush green forests, the list of attractions goes on and on. The most difficult part of planning a European holiday is where to go in your limited time.

A cruise is often the perfect start. If you just can't choose which Greek island or which stunning city to visit, why not squeeze them into the same trip? A cruise can take you from the historic buildings of Rome to sunny Greek beaches and back to the bustling city life of Istanbul in under a week, and each night you return to the same comfortable room.

Of course there are many cruise options to choose from, whether it be in duration or destination. You can select from cruises in the Mediterranean, Western Europe, Northern Europe and more.


Cruise from beautiful cities such as Venice, Rome, Istanbul or Barcelona and visit some of the very best attractions of the area such as Nice, Monte Carlo, Florence, Malta, Sicily, Greek Islands, Turkey, Black Sea and much more.

Western Europe
See classical Europe in all its glory cruising from the United Kingdom or Holland to the great cities and countryside of Scotland, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany and more.

Northern Europe
A cruise is surely the best way to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the great seafaring countries of Norway, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and more.

Visit world class museums and picturesque villages all in the same day
See amazing architecture literally thousands of years old
Immerse yourself in the history of the past and modern worlds



Hawaii Is one of our most popular international holiday destinations. It offers a great blend of natural beauty, relaxing pastimes and exciting activities. Whilst it's easy enough to consider the multiple islands of Hawaii as one, they in fact each offer something just a little different. From the Big Island and its active volcano to the lush Garden Isle of Kauai and the immaculate beaches of Maui, a cruise will give you the perfect opportunity to experience them all.


Shop, tan and people watch on the famous Waikiki beach
Enjoy a relaxing round of golf on some spectacular coastal courses
Hike around the live volcano fields on the big island of Hawaii
Mingle with locals at a luau feast and soak up the aloha spirit of the islands


Middle East

Dubai is the world's newest cruising hotspot, combining the mysteries of the desert with ultra-modern resort complexes. Arabian Gulf cruises will take you to other UAE states as well as Oman, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain.

Shore excursions in Dubai offer a true mix of the ancient and modern, combining the world famous Burj Al Arab hotel with the Al Fahidi Fort, a visit to the spice market and the gold souk. Other excursions allow you to sand-ski in the desert, then ski on snow at the indoor Ski Dubai winter sports area.

Then there is the opportunity to take a boat trip to admire the amazing artificial islands and The Palms. From Muscat take a 4x4 Jeep adventure into the desert and across the water at foot of Jebel Sham and to the mountain village of Balid Sait. Then relax on a beautiful sandy beach or by a swimming pool in Abu Dhabi.

There are cultural and historical Bahrain tours which combine a racing camel farm with the national museum and Grand Mosque.

South America

Including Cape Horn, the most popular South American cruise itineraries also provide the unusual opportunity to experience all four seasons in just two weeks.

From the warmth of Buenos Aires or Rio and the initial ports of call in Uruguay and Argentina, cruise to the autumn cool of the Falkland Islands and cold blast of Tierra del Fuego and Chile's Punta Arenas before more spring-like weather along the Chilean fjords. You then return to steamy summer weather in the Chilean capital Santiago's port of Valparaiso where you fly home - this itinerary is also available in reverse. Remember to pack layers of clothing for Round the Horn cruises as you will be sunbathing in some places and having to wrap up warm in others.

Cruise itineraries can cover more than 1,000 miles of the Amazon but that is still only a quarter of the river's length. The scale of the Amazon Basin is remarkable - 17 of its tributaries are more than 1,000 miles long; about a fifth of the world's oxygen is produced by its rain forest and it carries a fifth of the world's fresh water.

Shore excursions on South American cruise itineraries include a trip from Punta Arenas to a teeming Penguin reserve on the Chilean coastline, Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands and Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan capitals in the world.


One of the top cruise experiences in the vast continent of Africa is rounding the Cape of Good Hope as you catch your first glimpse of Table Mountain and Cape Town in South Africa. Here you can take a side trip to the famous Stellenbosch wine producing region, visit the Victoria & Albert Waterfront's many shops, bars and restaurants and take a cable car up the famous flat-topped mountain.

Much of Africa's appeal lies inland where wild animals roam in the many game reserves. It is here where you will go on a safari to view the Big Five - lions, leopards, rhino, elephants and buffalo, as well as antelope, ostriches and various species of birds.


Take a safari into one of Africa's amazing game parks where you will see more wildlife than you can ever imagine
Hike or take the cable car to the top of Cape Town's Table Mountain and enjoy the views
Meet the colourful locals and haggle for curios at the many markets