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why is cruising so popular?

Cruising is now one of the most popular forms of travel for people from right around the world. And when you consider the value of a cruise it's no surprise. You can count on superb dining choices, spacious and comfortable accommodations, non-stop onboard activities, all sorts of fun and adventurous programs at each individual port of call, a wide range of nightly entertainment, and the list goes on.

And the best part is a cruise experience is virtually all-inclusive! We regularly see cruise deals for under $100 a night, which is much cheaper than what you'd spend on land for a hotel, dinner and a show.

Check out our top 5 reasons to take a cruise and explore some of the myths of cruising.


choosing the right cruise for you

Learn some of the steps to consider when selecting the cruise line, ship, itinerary, stateroom and cruise duration that's right for you.

Selecting the right cruise line for your holiday can sometimes be a challenge - that is, if you go it alone. Wide-ranging itineraries, staterooms, amenities, ship sizes, dining and activities are just part of a large list of preferences that need to be considered.

Differences between cruise lines can be vast and the last place to discover these nuances don't suit your style is when you're miles out at sea. As travel experts who specialize in breaking down and simplifying the cruise process we're here to help you select the cruise that best aligns with you and your holiday criteria.


how cruise pricing works

The most important point to understand about cruise pricing is that they are usually very fluid. Prices can change up or down at anytime without notice.

This is basically due to supply and demand. If a cruise is selling well the cruise operator doesn't need to lower fares to fill it. Conversely if there is plenty of availability only a few months before departure then you can expect to see prices come down. Of course the cruise lines keep the status of availability close to their chest so it's difficult to predict what prices for any particular sailing will do.

Plenty of deals are available throughout the year offering a range of incentives including reduced rates, airfare discounts, additional onboard credit, or a combination of added-values. However, to secure the itinerary, ship stateroom and any shore excursions you prefer, plan on booking at least four to six months prior to departure. Especially for travel during peak periods such as school holidays, where you may have to book up to 12 months in advance.


preparing for your cruise

Now you've booked it's time to consider some of the details required before you depart. These include cruise line pre-registration, whether visas are required, is your passport up to date, have you taken out travel insurance, what to pack and more.


check-in & boarding

Your final steps before enjoying your holiday. Make sure you're prepared and you'll be onboard before you
know it.


life onboard ship

Onboard ship you'll have a broad range of activities and amenities to enjoy and explore. If you haven't already done so you should consider booking shore tours within the first day or so of joining your ship. You should also know the guidelines for tipping on your particular cruise line.


> Why take a cruise?

Find out why cruising is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry


> Choosing the right cruise 

Selecting the right cruise line and ship for you


> How cruise pricing works

Confused by all the different pricing available? We can help


> Check-in & Boarding 

Get your holiday started



> Life onboard

What to expect once your cruise holiday starts

> Preparing for your cruise

Now your booked, what's next?




What is included in the cruise price?

Accommodation, all main meals, 
entertainment and use of facilities such as swimming pools, gym, spas, children's centres and library are all included in your cruise package.

What additional costs should I budget for?

Once onboard items such as shore tours, spa treatments and beverages from the bar are additional. Many ships also have specialty restaurants which attract a surcharge. However these are only attended at your discretion.

Once I book my cruise can I pay it off in installments?

Yes, you can make progress payments right up until your final balance is due, usually about 90 days before you depart.

When booking a fly and cruise package can I alter my flight dates so I can spend more time in a city before or after my cruise?

Yes, our fly/cruise packages are generally very flexible and you can change flight dates and times where seats are available. Hotel stays if included can also be amended.

If I'm on the bottom deck am I below the waterline?

No. All passenger & crew staterooms are located above sea level.


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